The aim of the project is to build the competence centre of air transport in particular regions of Slovakia. The centre will be equipped with the most modern technology whichwill support the research and create conditions for implementation of the partners into European research space. The research realised in the competence centre will directly come up with the aims of Long-term aim of state scientific and technical policy which means to increase the participation of science and technology in the development of the Slovak Republic. We will create and build the research conditions the way they will support to keep young research potential at home and will contribute to the return of researchers who are involved in the international research. The competence centre will have the most modern infrastructure at its disposal which will support the possibility to be implemented in important international research projects. This will make the research more attractive and will contribute to increasing interest in research tasks among young people.

Financial sources

Total project expenditure
7 519 589,92 €

Total eligible expenditure
7 215 942,35 €

Required sum of non-repayable financial contribution
6 486 296,13 €

Total applicant sources
729 646,22 €


University of Žilina
Total eligible expenditure
4 229 119,87 €
Required sum of financial contribution
4 017 663,88 €
Total applicant sources
211 455,99 €

The Technical University of Košice
Total eligible expenditure
783 328,50 €
Required sum of financial contribution
744 162,07 €
Total applicant sources
39 166,43 €

YMS, a.s.
Total eligible expenditure
1 947 993,98 €
Required sum of financial contribution
1 558 395,18 €
Total applicant sources
389 598,80 €

The Air Transport Company, a.s.
Total eligible expenditure
255 500,00 €
Required sum of financial contribution
166 075,00 €
Total applicant sources
89 425,00 €


Transfer of technologies and knowledge of research institutions into private sector with the orientation on utilization of top tier research and development facilities.

Specific aims

1) Building the competence centre of air transport in SR

2) Broker Centre of Air Transport for Transfer of Technology and Knowledge into Transport and Transport Infrastructure

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