Scientific research of the project “Broker Centre of Air Transport for Transfer of Technology and Knowledge into Transport and Transport Infrastructure “primarily focuses on the sphere of research and development of the air transport and its interconnection with other areas of the research. It deals with the use of top technologies and outputs of scientific and research activities of the air transport and its interaction with the research in particular areas of electrical engineering, information technologies, building engineering, cartography and geodesy.

I. Quality orthophotomaps

Accurate and clear pictures of Earth's surface up to the definition of 10 cm on pixel from the areas of the Slovak Republic.

II. Cloud of points

Collecting and processing the huge volume of geographical data obtained by aerial laser scanning


Digital surface and terrain model. The basic product generated from the cloud of points

IV. 3D model

Vector model of the buildings created from the cloud of points with the help of algorithms

V. GeoStore

The specialised portal www.geostore.sk provides the modern distribution of the products to the third parties

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